Data & charts

Selected data projects and visualization


Stuck in the Middle
A look at how the recession made income inequality worse.
(An update to a widely shared 2011 collection of charts and data on income inequality.)

Post-9/11 Terrorism Cases
Detailed analysis of a database of more than 500 federal terrorism cases. Part of Mother Jones’ investigation into post 9/11 terrorism cases, which won a 2012 Data Journalism Award.

War Bucks
A deep dive into the Pentagon’s $6 billion budget, why it’s so hard to cut, and where it all goes, from F-35 fighters to toilet paper.

Planet Money
An interactive, live-updated guide to the dark-money universe of the 2012 election

Bad Wraps
How often do burritos make Americans sick?

Critical Condition
What would have happened if Obamacare was struck down?

Short Changed
Another perk of being tall: Making more money.

Triumph of the Drill
Digging into the oil industry’s subsidies and influence

Rigged System
What if votes were distributed according to income?

Reagan Youth
When politicians inspire baby names

The Crazy Cost of Becoming President
More than 140 years of election spending, from Lincoln to Obama

Plank Exercises
Charting changes in Republican party platforms, 1948-2012

Long Walks to Freedom
A map of (almost every) street named after Nelson Mandela

Faster, Higher…Smaller?
Another way of looking at who really won the summer Olympics

In the Red
Which states take more money from Washington than they put in?

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