Data & Visuals

Spreads & packages

 Preexisting ConditionsHow the pandemic unmasked America’s other afflictions. cowritten with edwin rios • illustratons by louise pomeroy • design by adam vieyra


 Survival of the RichestHow the great recession made income inequality worse. art by mattias mackler • design by carolyn perot


 Grab ’Em by the BallotsA statistical preview of the 2018 election and the congressional “pink wave.”
cowritten with kara voight • design by adam vieyra


 Behind the LinesSidebars and maps accompanying a feature on the American role in the Syrian civil war.
article by shane bauer • sidebar by bryan schatz • design by carolyn perot and adam vieyra • maps by lo benichou


 Don’t Tread on MeA cover package on where the Pentagon’s $600 billion-plus budget by carolyn perot • opening illustration by gluekit


 Terrorists for the FBIAnalyzing and visualzing a database of more than 500 federal terrorism cases. Part of an investigation into post-9/11 terrorism stings that won a Data Journalism Award. data collected by trevor aaronson • design by carolyn perot


 Art of the StealAuditing the Trump tax cut. illustration by andré carrilho • design by adam veiyra


 ExhibitBetween 2005 and 2010, I wrote, researched and/or edited nearly 20 Exhibits, two-page spreads of stats, charts, and trivia about a wide range of topics, including credit card debt, virtual worlds, signs of climate change, intellectual property battles, the decline of print, and babies’ environmental footprint. concept by clara jeffery • illustrated by multiple illustrators • design by multiple designers


Income Inequality

America’s trickle-up economyillustrations by jason schneider • design by carolyn perot

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West Bling

Donald Trump’s original Cabinet, by the numbers design by adam vieyra

Triumph of the Drill

How taxpayers subsidize the oil industrycowritten with andy kroll, benjy hansen-bundy, and alex park • design by carolyn perot


Charts & data viz

Visualization of the dark money universe

 Planet MoneyAn interactive, live-updated map of the dark-money universe of the 2012 election.coedited with tasneem raja • with reporting by gavin aronsen • coding by ben breedlove and aj fox


Map of 2016 election scenarios
What if Only ____ Voted?

Exploring the role of demographics in 2016

Charts about minimum wage and inflation
Unhappy Meals

Why fast-food workers deserve a break (or raise) today.

Charts about gun manufacturing in the US
Fully Loaded

The shadowy world of America’s biggest gun makersstory by josh harkinson

Pie chart of burrito-borne illnesses
Bad Wraps

How often do burritos make Americans sick?

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Killer Apps

What’s really in your phone?

The historic cost of presidential elections
The Crazy Cost of Becoming President

More than 140 years of election spending

Random & humorous

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Trump Time Warp

Why the last 2 years have felt like 2,448.

Dr. Clooney, I Presume?

Mapping the celebrity colonization of Africa

Percentile on Main Street

Charting Keith Richards’ Life

Kooks Illustrated

Almost every Obama conspiracy theory ever.

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Reagan Youth

When people name their babies after politicians.

Cerebral Vortex

The phrenology of Glenn Beck