editor & writer

I’m a senior editor at Mother Jones, where I’ve worked since 2003.

I edit everything from features to front-of-the book stories, write and report, wrangle data and make charts, put together packages and special projects, and come up with memorable headlines and terrible puns (the two are related).

I’ve won some awards. I tweet. And check email.

Selected writing

• The secret past of the NRA’s top lawyer

• Parenting tips from prison guards

• How the recession made income inequality worse

• A visit to the mock prison riot (right)

• What happens when you’re buried at sea

• The humungous Pentagon budget (including toilet paper)

Cannibalism in the books of Richard Scarry

• The link between sushi and gay marriage

• Quiz: North Korean propaganda or TED talk?

• The CIA’s psychological profiles of world leaders

Octopi Wall Street!

• Reenactors who play World War II Nazis (right)

• The F-bomb-spewing ex-cop challenging California’s gun laws

• Books for would-be Walter Whites

• The beatnik herbalist who became right-wing radio celebrity Michael Savage

Local history and AreaMansplaining

• The F word: A San Francisco vs. “Frisco” timeline

• What the hell was the “African Dip”?

• The strange, sad tale of Doughnut Sal

• The Berkeley Garbage War of 1908

• A family connection to an iconic photo of the California drought

• Saloons, oyster loaf, and “gilded sin” in old San Francisco

• The 2nd semiannual Blue Angels survey


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Headshot by Tristan Spinski