Dave Gilson
 editor & writer I’m a senior editor at Mother Jones, where I edit everything from cover features to front-of-the book stories, report and write articles, put together packages and special projects, wrangle data and make charts, interview interesting people, and come up with memorable headlines and terrible puns (the two are related). I’ve won some awards. I teach. I tweet.
And check email.


Selected writing
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The Buried Gun
A murder, a confession, and the secret past of an NRA lawyer

Squirrels Gone Wild
The time California drafted kids to fight a war on squirrels

Stuck in the Middle
Visualizing America’s deepening income inequality

Jumping the Shank
At the Mock Prison Riot, guards face down volunteer inmates—like me.

Doc Savage
How a herbal healer became a toxic right-wing radio host

This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef
Animal cannibalism in the beloved books of Richard Scarry


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